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Brick Workout Article by Coach Felipe

Brick Workout

by Felipe Loureiro


What is a Brick Workout?

Bricks refer to training two different disciplines during the same workout.


Brick Workouts are an essential part of triathlon training, helping to simulate race effort with 2 combined sports (swim/run, bike/run, swim/bike)


Here is one of my favorite brick workouts: A Run/Bike/Run Brick Workout that includes practicing quick transitions.


RUN: 2 miles at a very comfortable pace (60% effort)

TRANSITION 1 (Run to Bike):  Set your bike up with your shoes attached to the pedals.  Use rubber bands looped between the heels and frame to hold the shoes in a horizontal position.   Once on the bike, start pedaling with your feet on top of your shoes.  When you are cruising at speed, coast and slip your feet into your shoes.  Keep your eyes ahead on the road, not down at your feet.

BIKE: 12 miles = 4 miles focusing on high cadence (70% effort) + 4 miles at your race pace effort (80%) + 4 miles closer to your maximum effort (90%)

TRANSITION 2 (Bike to Run):  As you are returning from the bike, slip your feet out of your shoes before you reach the transition area.  Practice this skill first during training and be sure to gain confidence in this skill before race day!

RUN: 2 miles at your race effort (80%) *FINISHING STRONG


Brick Workouts like this are a perfect way to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your race!


*Set up your bike and run gears as you would for race day.  Lay all of your gear out in the exact same way you are planning to race. The key is to complete your transitions as fast as possible, so remember “every second counts”.


Learn this skill first during a training practice, before race day!