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Personalized Training Programs

Personalized Training Programs

Custom training programs are designed to make you the best you can be on race day. Dialing in your program to fit your needs and goals allows Breakaway Training coaches to maximize your training. Working with your coach you will have training heart rate zones for running and cycling, custom swimming intervals and workouts, power zones for cycling if you train with a power meter, and specific training workouts for all disciplines.

You will also have the benefit of consulting with your coach for race day and training nutrition advice, season planning for races, general and miscellaneous training updates and questions. Contact with your coach is unlimited.

Members receiving custom training plans are also privy to exclusive discounts at Breakaway Training events and from Breakaway Training sponsors.

Personalized Training Program Rates

Monthly Plan1-Month

Monthly Periodization Program Subscription: a recurring monthly payment option of $160 dollars for each month of personalized periodization program.