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Personal Training

Personal Training With Breakaway Training

Working one-on-one with a Breakaway Training Coach allows you to achieve results quickly, safely, and more effectively than working out on your own. Our coaches will create a results-oriented and time-efficient workout designed specifically to match your needs. Our coaches are carefully selected to provide a range of creative and traditional training styles. Why? Because personal training is exactly that: personal. All levels will benefit from the education, motivation, and support needed to obtain personal goals. Whether it’s to kick start your routine, train for an upcoming event, or just to look and feel better, get to know one of our qualified coaches today!

Our Personal Training Sessions Can Be Scheduled As:

  • Swim (pool or open water): technique, speed work, open water tips, race simulation
  • Bike (indoor or outdoor): pedal technique, bike fitting, hill repeats, speed work, Power Meter Introduction
  • Run (Track/Road or Treadmill): bio mechanics, Track workout, hill/downhill, Trails
  • Weights (indoor or outdoor): Core Specific Training, Stretching, Plyometrics

Personal Training Rates:

1 PersonAmount Each Per SessionAmount Per SessionTotal Cost
1 Session$100$100$100
3 Sessions$85$85$255
10 Sessions$80$80$800
20 Sessions$75$75$1500
30 Sessions$70$70$2100
2 PersonsAmount Each Per SessionAmount Per SessionTotal Cost
1 Session$75$150$150
10 Sessions$60$120$1200
20 Sessions$50$100$2000
30 Sessions$45$90$2700
3 PersonsAmount Each Per SessionAmount Per SessionTotal Cost
1 Session$60$180$180
10 Sessions$50$150$1500
20 Sessions$40$120$2400
30 Sessions$35$105$3150

Please contact your coach to make payment arrangements for personal training services.