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Youth Program

Breakaway Training Youth Program

The Breakaway Training Youth Program was designed by our athlete and coach Marco Amselem. Marco has been racing and training for many years and his overall skills in several sports is a unique asset to the program.

The program is based on One-on-one sessions where Marco will introduce the chosen endurance sport by the client. The Breakaway Training Youth Program is focused on developing young athletes in the following sports: Triathlon, Trail Running, Mountain Biking and kayaking.

The program will boost the fitness level of the client as well as their knowledge about the sport. The trainer will approach topics such as:

  • Proper gear usage
  • Ride and run safety
  • Technique exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Commitment
  • Race preparation
  • Training plans
  • Cross training
  • Injury prevention

To learn more about the program, contact Marco Amselem as or (858)361-8221.