Multisport Coaching & Personal Training

Marco Rossini

Interior Hero

Name: Marco Amselem

Years Coaching Multisport: Since 2013

Background in Sports: Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Ultra Running and Adventure Racing.


– 2013 Runner up at Adventure Race World Championship

– 2014 Runner up at Adventure Race World Championship

– 2015 Ranked 1st in the World at the Adventure Race World Series

– 2016 3rd Place at Adventure Race World Championship

– 7 times Champion of Adventure Race World Series.

– 5th Place at Amazon Prime World Toughest Race

Training Philosophy:
Discipline, commitment and accountability. 

What you like most about coaching?
I love to see the transformation of each individual person. 

“Success is Never Owned, It’s Rented, and the Rent is Due EveryDay”

Favorite Part of Sport:
Sport means life to me. I love everything about it. It not only adds to your health but also to your state of mind. 

First triathlon:
My first triathlon was the San Diego International in 2010. Prior to that I was doing only Adventure Races but since I moved to San Diego in 2010 triathlon became a great way to stay fit for my Adventure Races. I personally like Olympic and 70.3 distances to improve my speed without compromising my overall fitness for my expedition races. 

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