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Gregg Medinilla

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Pro Tour Fittings – professional bike fitting

I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1973 and moved to San Diego, CA in 1984. I found myself in various sport activities growing up, but the one I became most passionate about was Cycling. After watching a movie called American Flyers in 1985, my inspiration turned into a career. Only months after seeing the film,  my father bought me my first Schwinn 10speed at a local bike shop down the street. The rest was history.

I received my first USCF racing license in 1987, racing at a 15-16 junior race level. From there, I started competing in some of the best stage races all over the USA. By the age of 18, I was already a Category 1 racer. I then became a Professional in 2000 and had already won several local and national calendar races. I have participated in major professional stage races like the Tour of Poland, and the Tour of Mexico and have been a part of such professional teams as “Monex” and “NetZero”.

I have absorbed cycling’s best education though racing and retail experience. In total, I have been racing for 30 years and have been a Category 1 racer for 21 years. I was lucky enough to race with great cyclists such as Lance Armstrong and had the opportunity to train with Jan Ullrich and the Telekom Team. I feel even more empowered as a cyclist because I have never taken any sport-enhancing drugs and I have always raced clean. I retired from professional cycling in 2004 and currently race at the Master’s Level and occasionally race at the Pro 1/2 level. I love to race my bike and will always be passionate about it.

So why should you choose me as your fitter?

With the combination of over 26 years of cycling and over 15 years in the retail business of cycling sales and fittings, I try to understand cyclists and their desired fit as well as their riding habits and style.  There is so much involved in bicycle fitting and you truly have to understand the person, their goals, and their habits. I have fit hundreds of cyclist from novice riders, to triathlete riders,  I have the natural ability to perform a proper fit, but as of 2013, I have taken it to the next  level by receiving the Retul Bicycle Fitting System certification.

The biggest  reason for a fit from PTF is the unmatched experience, why get a fit for someone that’s take some classes or works at a bike shop for 5 years without a cycling career? lots of so called fitters have the basic knowledge . With PTF you get experience and knowledge, 30+ years of cycling.

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