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Felipe Loureiro

Interior Hero

Name: Felipe Loureiro

Years Coaching Multisport: Since 2001

Background in Sports: Triathlon, Cycling and Running.

Brazilian National Champion 1995/1996 & Catalina Island Triathlon Winner 2010/2012. 5X Haute Route finisher.

Training Philosophy:
Every athlete has different training needs. More doesn’t mean better!

What you like most about coaching?
The challenge and satisfaction of seeing all my athletes achieved their goals.

“There are 24 Hours in a day. We typically sleep 8 and work 8 but it’s what we do with the other 8 that counts. Some pack those eight hours with as much training, motivation, passion, pain and joy as their bodies can contain. They will not settle for ordinary; their enthusiasm propels them into the extraordinary. They are endurance athletes.”

Favorite Part of Sport:
Everyone has a strong suit, and everyone has a weak suit. Triathlon is a great sport because you can work from a place of comfort, while also challenging yourself in new and exciting ways. Success is always relative, success keeps you motivated, and triathlon offers many different ways to achieve your success.

First triathlon:
My first race was the Baby Blue Triathlon in Araraquara, Sao Paulo – Brazil in 1989.

Felipe Loureiro has been successful in triathlon at all levels – from amateur to pro – accumulating over 37 years of experience in the sport and coaching. His athletic success came as he coached others and grew a business. He knows what it takes for you to succeed in any multisport discipline despite your busy schedule.

Felipe has raced in over 600 triathlons, finished over 300 running and cycling races, and competes professionally in all triathlon disciplines from sprint distance to Ironmans!

“I grew up in Brazil. I remember when I was 9 years old and my dad began training for triathlons. Two years later, at 11 years old, I followed in my dad’s footsteps and competed in my first triathlon…and since then, I’ve raced in over 600 triathlon races around the world, including 3 Ironmans. Triathlon is the reason I came to San Diego from Brazil 25 years ago. I knew San Diego could provide the perfect venue for both daily training and abundant racing opportunities. I was lucky enough to have found my passion when I was 11, and that passion of the triathlon sport has provided me with a fulfilling life of physical training, exciting racing, and the gratifying vocation of coaching others the joy of triathlon. I am looking forward to continuing my triathlon racing career for many years to come.”


  •  USA Triathlon Level I certified
  • Ironman University certified Coach
  • Johnny G Spinning certified
  • Natural Running certified
  • Gravity Personal Training certified
  • NCSF Personal Training certified
  • CPR certified


  • Periodization Training Plans
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Swim Technique Analysis
  • Specialize in Bariatric Exercise Training
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Motivating and Building Client Rapport
  • Performance Optimization
  • Leadership and Athlete Development
  • Healthy Lifestyle Role Model

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IRONMAN Certified Coach - Felipe Loureiro