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Adam Schepps

Interior Hero

Name: Adam Schepps

Years Coaching Triathlon: Multi-sport Coach since 2011 (Strength & Conditioning since 2009)

Background in Sports: Boxing, Collegiate Water Polo, High School Swimming and Lacrosse. Dedicated Yoga practice.

Athletic Achievements: 2012 San Diego Triathlon Series Champion (Elite Division). 2x Tri Rock San Diego – Sprint – Winner (2011/2012). 2x Ironman Finisher (Cozumel 2010/St. George 2011)

Training Philosophy:
Train hard, have fun, and enjoy the journey. You will never regret working hard and putting in that extra effort.

What you like most about coaching?
Few things are more rewarding than helping someone overcome their fears, reach past their goals and live out their dreams.

“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”

Favorite part of sport:
“I love nothing more than to really test my limits both physically and mentally. I love climbing out of the dark places you find yourself during the toughest of times and the self-discovery that occurs on the way out. I love the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when looking back at a tough training block or grueling event. But most importantly it’s the friends I’ve made and bonds we’ve form along the way that keep me coming back to the sport year after year.”

First triathlon:
Solana Beach Triathlon – 2010.

Most important advice:
Always smile. Always hydrate.

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