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Cassio Debiasi

Interior Hero

Cassio Debiasi is a very enthusiastic and competitive athlete. His experience spans from short distance triathlons to Kona Ironman World Championship finisher. He knows what it takes to achieve your goals! 
Passionate about sports, he has participated in over 50 races and is ready to pass on his recipe for success. He is excited to support and coach triathletes to allow them to excel, achieve their dreams and maximize their talents.

I have always dreamt of being an Ironman and working in a sports related field. Today I’m pursuing this dream to coach. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to see an athlete achieve their goals. Six years ago, when I finished my first sprint triathlon I knew I’d never want to stop. I trained very hard for many summers and winters to run my fastest marathon and qualified for Boston… not just one time, but three!

I spent many six + hour bike rides training plus running and swimming to qualify for Kona 2014. I can’t begin to explain how incredible crossing the finish line with a sub 10-hour time felt! I want everyone to feel the same! I want to share my experiences and my passion with other athletes. I want to be supportive in any physical, mental, and emotional way because it takes determination!

However, I can tell you: “Anything is Possible” and in the end, it’s all worth it!“
After following the Breakaway Training protocol and experiencing the rewarding race performances that followed, Cassio knew that Breakaway Training represented his same approach to training and coaching. He hopes the knowledge acquired during the transformation from his humble beginnings to his current triathlon career will allow him to help others experience the same.

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