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Breakaway Training/ Nytro Men’s Endurance Team

Learn about out Nytro Men’s Team

We always dreamed of a Breakaway Training race team. Together with Nytro Multisport our dream finally came true.

We assembled a team of 20 great guys who are not only exceptional elite or age group endurance athletes but also truly embody the spirit of Breakaway Training; “Work hard. Race harder. Have a blast along the way”.

2018 Breakaway Training/ Nytro Men’s Endurance Team Roster:

Adam Schepps
Alberto Gala
Cassio Debiasi
Charlie Karstrom
Chris Berg
Felipe Loureiro
George Beecher
Giuseppe Ciuffa
Jacob Pearlman
Konor Sacks
Luke Walton
Marco Rossini Menichelli Amselem
Matthew Buster
Mark Alford
Michael Conner
Owen Conner
Peter Colvonen
Ryan Krasner
Técio Cunha
Tim Mahar
Tony Berg
Tony Pastore

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